Saturday, December 24, 2011


We have a winner...the winner of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint giveaway 2011 is....


Terri, email me at and tell me what colors you would like and where you would like your amazing basket sent to!

The most exciting part is that Terri is entered into a national drawing to win a chance to meet Annie during the North American Tour in 2012!

Have you signed up for your spot to meet Annie yet?  You can do so here: I want to meet Annie!

Merry Christmas to all!

Tami from Patina Decorative Finishes

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A little remodel...

So, this Christmas, I decided to buy myself a little gift!  It was overdue.  I'm not the most technologically gifted (this blog post is all about gifts!)  I can paint and show off my crafting skills, but when it comes to uploading and re-routing, I called on the amazing talent of Emily from Polka Dot Pixels to help me remodel my home on the web.  I'm even going to start Twittering now, too!  (Shock & Awe!)

Remember, tomorrow is the last night to enter the giveaway for the Key Fob!  How to win? Simply "LIKE" The Spotted Lamb on Facebook and then go HERE! and let me know you entered so I can put your name into the drawing!  TOMORROW is the deadline!

Oh, the giveaways continue.  I wish I could offer you mulled wine and some Christmas cookies!  If you haven't signed up for the BIG Annie Sloan Chalk Paint giveaway, WHAT are you waiting for?  You can do that here....CHALK PAINT GIVEAWAY!!!!  The best part?  You get to CHOOSE your favorite colors.

And, last but NOT least, to celebrate my new website, blog, and twitter (uh, reunion)...CHECK OUT the new photos on my site.  Pacheco Photography followed me around at my last workshop at Roost Consignment in Napa.  I felt like some kinda celeb.


In the spirit of the holidays...Pacheco Photography is raffling away one free photo shoot to anyone local who enters the contest with a "like" at Pacheco Photography on Facebook!  Post on their wall and tell them Patina Decorative Finishes sent you!  Travis' blog posts are super entertaining.  If you love dogs, you will love's my personal favorite dog story of all time...Bella's Story

Wishing you all a wonderful pre-holiday weekend.  I'm delivering paint to my people this weekend and checking out two new shops that are going to carry Annie Sloan Chalk Paint SOON!

Monday, December 5, 2011


Yes, you read that right, Annie is coming to are the DETAILS!  Even better, for all of you west coasters...she's coming to SAN FRANCISCO on March 19th at the amazing waterfront Fort Mason Center.  Use the link to register NOW and join us in March!

Patina Decorative Finishes is celebrating the kickoff of this amazing tour by giving you the opportunity to win a basket full of the best paint in the world!

The best part?  The winners of each stockists' and local retailers' baskets across the country will be entered into a nationwide drawing for a complimentary credit towards ONE (1) ANNIE SLOAN AMERICAN TOUR registration fee (value $350).  Winner will be announced on January 10, 2012.

There are four ways to win:

1. Follow Annie's blog HERE!

2. Become a follower of Patina Decorative Finishes on blogger.

3. "Like" Patina Decorative Finishes on Facebook and tell me what you think of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on my wall!

4. "Like" Jolie Design & Decor, our amazing North American distributor on Facebook!

5.  Finally, come back and tell me that you did all four and post a comment telling me which two colors you would like!  That gives you a chance for *5* entries!

The drawing will take place on December 24th and the winner will be notified by email, so be ready for me to send you holiday cheer!  No purchase necessary!

Friday, October 14, 2011


I just snuck over here to Blogger as I dragged myself away from Pinterest and Facebook.  What is my world coming to????  Thank GAWD for iphones and apps because how could we get through our day without them?

August.  My last post was in August.  Why, you ask?  Oh, I've been up to my elbows, quite literally in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I was in Raley's today and the lady behind me in line asked me what color I had been painting.  I lifted my elbow and said, "Which one?  The Old White or the French Linen?"  So, by admitting that the French Linen was on my elbow that means that the elbow hadn't been cleaned since....GASP...yesterday, when I was painting an 80 year old clawfoot tub.  Soooo, much to my newest surprise, I can sell paint in a grocery store, apparently.  Well, not technically IN it but WHILE in it.

I have so much to tell you all.  Since August, I threw in a trip to England.  Yes, that's right, little old me made it to England.  Away from the frozen waffle toaster making, wrestling practice, high school tennis matches, floor scrubbing (in all honesty, this one isn't done as often as I imply), playing taxi...I jumped ON A PLANE and got out of dodge and left my family for a whole week.  And I met Annie and she was FANTASTIC.  More on that later, but I promise to be here more often.

I will blog more about our trip someday soon.  Debbie and I stayed up one night until 4 a.m. talking, knowing full well that we were getting up at 7 and it was PAINFUL the next day, or virtually 3 hours later.  Here's me with Annie, the day we surprised Annie with a visit and she joined us for lunch in Old Oxford, a few doors down from her shop.  Yes, it was sunny in England, I was NOT hiding my lack of sleep, if that's what you were thinking.

This is Annie, working her magic in our workshop...she has a varnish crackle unlike anything I've seen in the U.S....we painted, we decoupaged, and we leafed!

Okay, I have to add a comment in regards to the following photo.  I am praying that it's not possible for any of you to zoom into my face.  Because, apparently, when I jump, I make gritty faces.  Nobody else looks as terrifying as I do,  Vicki and Debbie just look happy.  (DISCLAIMER: I am blaming the drunk 20 year old college student for pushing the button when he did.  It was unfair.  Plus, I'm the SHORTEST and I think he got me on the downward.  Don't you agree, unfair?)

Saturday, August 13, 2011



the winner is Pamela Kaiser!!!

Email me at to CLAIM your giveaway!  Choose from any combination of the 24 color samples!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

About me!

After winding on the coast on Highway 1 today, I'm happy to be home on still ground!   I might still be moving (you ever feel that way after you get off a long plane ride?) We had a wonderful day at the beach.  It was much needed.  We even stopped at Parkside Cafe on the way back for some chocolate malts and fries, I highly recommend it!  A perfect summer day, complete with an 8 year old that asked, "Are we there yet?" at least 6 times.  Sigh.

Since I have so many new blogger friends that apparently like contests (!), I wanted to tell you a little about myself.  I am Tami Fandrei, the sole owner and work'a'bee of Patina Decorative Finishes. While I have a 15 year old apprentice, I will never have employees because I'm a perfectionist.  I have been a military spouse for the better part of 19 years.  We have been in Northern California since 2000, prior to that 5 years in Okinawa, Japan and before that, all over the US.

In 2002, my friend asked me to help her paint.  We were both pregnant and now that I realize it, neither of us should have been painting up on ladders.  Long story short, my obvious love for painting was evident and she encouraged me to pursue it as a career.  Throughout the years following it, I took many courses to expand upon my skills.   I loved what I was doing.  I remember being elbow deep in one of my early cabinet jobs, 5 weeks into it (client kept making changes) and thinking, "Is this really for me?" And then I finished, stepped back, and soaked in the joy from my client.  What a feeling.

Then, tragedy struck our family in 2007 with the illness of our middle child.  My focus had to change in ways that I never dreamed I would endure.  For, I had to learn to be a nurse.  I had to learn to push needles into my child and for the record, I am a trypanophobic (fear of need to google), er, well, was for most of my life, I had to endure the sight of blood (used to make me queasy).  My business was put on hold, I kept up my insurance and continued paying for my business licenses, but my job turned into a bedside one in the hospital, supporting her and what she was enduring.  We were desperate for treatment because her illness was undiagnosed and nobody had answers for us.  I flew all over the country with her, desperate for help and understanding.  We were blessed that we could survive on one salary, a luxury for most families.  I missed painting desperately, though.

It was in 2008 that I realized it was the perfect time to study for and take the exam to get my contractor's license.  I was sitting in a "ched", chair by day, 2 ft. wide bed by night, all day long and the days blended together and dragged on.  And on.  I needed a different focus, something for me.  We made it out of the hospital a few days before my contractor's exam day, but I'll never forget leaving the house at 7 a.m. a wreck because it was the first time I left my husband to manage turning off her TPN (another word for IV food when you can't eat), setting up her IV fluids for the day and give all of her morning medications.  She was also on many medications at the time and I found it so hard to let go of the worry as you are not allowed to bring cell phones into your exam!  I will admit, as I walked in, all worry slipped and I scanned the room, for I realized I was the only woman there in the entire sea of contractor applicants.  AND, I knew for once in those two years, I was doing something for me.  All thoughts slipped away.  I passed...little old me and a sea of men.  As I drove away with my paperwork, I realized it was the only good news to celebrate that I'd had in a very long time.  And we discovered that hubby could also moonlight as a nurse!  We were back in the hospital not too long after that as her condition worsened and she was unable to even stand anymore, bound to bed for 4 months with pain and agony.  I got my contractor's license in the nick of time.

Fast forward a few years, we're the lucky ones.  She's in a medically induced remission, future uncertain but looking bright from where I'm sitting.  I am back working, doing what I love and about 3 months ago, I discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  It was by pure grace that I found out about it when I did.  My first thought was, "NO PRIMING? Whaaaaaat?  Impossible."  I jumped into it head first.  My perspective is different than it was four years ago.  Life is too precious to not go for your dreams.

I made my initial investment, which was big when you factor in a one income household.  About 3 weeks later, just a few days before my first order arrived, I received a check out of the blue in the mail from our previous insurance company.  It seems that someone blew them out of the water for denying home nursing and they were making payoffs in hopes to avoid court proceedings.  In early 2008, we appealed for home nursing so that we could get her out of the hospital and home, but we were denied, but went home anyway and I became her full time nurse.  The dollar amount was just $20 away from my initial 4 figure Annie Sloan Chalk Paint order.  I call that a sign.  And a gift.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do What You Love, Love What You Do!

I stole this quote from my wonderful Annie Sloan Chalk Paint stockist, Vicki Shoemaker of 3 Oaks Studio!  "Do what you love and love what you do."  Why do I love what I do?  Let me count the ways:

1. I get to work in my pajamas.

2. I can make my own hours.  While I realize I can do this, I've also recognized lately that I've been burning the candle at both ends and in between.  Forgive me, family, I'm working on this.

3. I meet the MOST amazing and FANTASTICALLY (is that a word?) creative people.  Yesterday, an artist from St. Helena called me asking me about my paint as he's going to "cottage" up some walls with it and plaster.  And, I was SO intrigued, I may need to do my own set of sample boards.  When I asked if he was a plaster or painting contractor, he replied, "Neither, I like to blaze trails." DUDE, me, TOO!  (I am NOT affiliated with this guy, in case you are wondering...I'm a law abiding licensed painting contractor and would never suggest using anyone who isn't in your home.  But, I still think he has a cool factor.)

4. The customers I've worked for in the past two months have touched my life.  They remind me to laugh, to appreciate creativity, to slow down and enjoy the good things in life and most of all, one special customer of mine encourages me, tells me I'm going to do big things, and believes in me and that inspires me so much.

5. I get to make my kids' lunch.  Sometimes that involves opening up a can of Spaghettios...don't be a hater, it happens and if you don't buy that junk for your kids, you are missing out on a meal that takes exactly 1 minute 30 seconds from the time you open the can, pour in a bowl, microwave (OH, the HORROR!) and serve with a smile.  And, it has vitamins (even if they are the fake kind).

6. I get to paint with the most amazing paint on earth...Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!  If you've never heard of it, get out from under your rock!  I no longer spend oodles of cash on primer and TSP, not to mention countless hours of priming (GAH...that stuff stinks...and I'm talkin' ODOR, people).  ASCP is forgiving, if you drip, it sands right out.  No brush strokes.  Beginners can use it, just ask my 15 year old apprentice painter.  She'll have HER contractor's license in 8 years!  (probably not, but a girl can dream, right?).  I get to paint with something that doesn't have any odor, dries fast, and makes my life super happy!

7.  I get to take my three kids, each with a friend, to the beach tomorrow.  On a Thursday.  Because I can!

8.  My garage is full of treasures.  Things to paint, things painted, vintage finds, etc.  My husband can no longer park his convertible in our 3 car garage.  I don't THINK he's visited a divorce attorney yet, but it's not a source of happiness like it is for me!

9. more.  I don't spend any money on manicures.  I already have plenty of Graphite, Primer Red, Antibes Green (just to mention my work from today) stuck in my cuticles.  Why bother? 

And now...for what you've all been waiting for.  It's a giveaway!!!!!!!!!

We all love giveaways.  I'm giving away THREE (you READ that right, THREE!) Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Samples in the colors of your choice, shipped to you for free (no gimmicks here!)  Each item below gives you (1) entry into the contest and the winner will be chosen randomly.  All you have to do is:

1. Like Patina Decorative Finishes on Facebook
2. Become a Follower of my Blog
3. Repost this contest on your Facebook wall
4. Repost this contest on your blog

HURRY...contest ends on Friday, August 12th at midnight Cali time!

Leave me a comment here on what your favorite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color is! :-)  (I'll throw in another entry cuz I'm nice like that!)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh, what a week...and a big, exciting announcement!

I feel as if I'm cleaning up the
aftermath of a storm in my house!
I am grateful for all the help
I've received from my family
and the support of my friends!

First, I have to say, I absolutely am 
loving what I'm doing. I love meeting
new people, I love sharing Annie Sloan
Chalk Paint with them, and I am so 
happy to be back "designing" again!

Last Sunday was my first Annie
Sloan Chalk Paint Workshop... 

A special thank you to these four
wonderful ladies who came to learn 
and left with confidence to tackle 
their projects!  Also, a shout out to
my awesome stockist, Vicki, for
guiding me through it and for
being so good at what she does!

This weekend was so fantastic!
My daughter and I enjoyed spending 
a beautiful Saturday morning at the 
Green Valley Certified Farmer's Market!
If you haven't been, you are missing out...
Kettle Korn, amazing lavender wreaths
from Girl on the Hill (WOW, they are
beautiful!), olive oil, and so much more!  
Sure beats the State Fair (I apologize to the "fried
foodies" out there!)  We even enjoyed
delicious pastries from Pure Grain Bakery
two "doors" down.  Next to me was 
Boutique Vintage 72, we couldn't help
but buy a few baubles from her!  Jen is
SO talented!  I even got to try out my
new "Square" that swipes credit cards!

Here are a few shots of our SOLD items from the Market!

We'll be back mixing it up there again on Saturday
from 9 to 1.

In other big, VERY exciting news:

As of today,
Not Too Shabby in Historic Folsom 
is now partnering up with 
Patina Decorative Finishes and carrying
ALL 24 Annie Sloan Chalk Paint 
colors and Wax you are dreaming of.
There are wax brushes, Hand Painted
Color Cards, Quick and Easy Paint
Transformations Books ALL that you 
can touch and see in front of you, 
no longer just on your computer screen!

When I step in the door of Not Too Shabby
I feel like I've found a lil' piece of heaven on 
earth!  Kudos to the talented Bobbi Eddy and 
five other fantastic women that make
Not Too Shabby a perfect place
to stock Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! I'm 
so happy to be a part of it all!

You can find this amazing store
AND hours right here:

Now, you don't have to wait on shipping
to get your favorite Chalk Paint...

There are even a few samples
jars there if you want to try it out!

What a fantastic way to finish off my weekend!
Have a blessed week, I'm off to pass out!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our NEW Farmer's Market

I'm so excited to say I found out today
that I was one of six "artisan" vendors to
be approved to have a booth at the 
NEW Green Valley Certified
Farmer's Market.  They were excited
about what I do with upcycling and that
just made my DAY!  

I'm so ecstatic!

Between hosting my first Annie Sloan 
Chalk Paint workshop on Sunday and
having this new opportunity, which I will 
do every Saturday from 9 -1 through
August, I am going to be one busy 
chica.  I will have a very happy husband
to see the entire two sides of my 3 car 
garage cleared out for once.  It is 

I've been doing some fun "junquing" in 
Napa this week and American Canyon.
I made a new friend, the owner of a thrift
shop, as we wheeled and dealed and I stuffed
things in every last place I could.  I dug
through the back of his shop (OH boy,
the things I found), all the while praying
that I would NOT have a snake sighting.

And I've got SHUTTERS.  Lots of 'em.

Some will be Greek Blue, some will be
Arles, maybe a few Antibes Green.
I hope they go to a good home!

I may not sleep this entire week because
I have so much to do!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lots of goings on...

I've had a wonderful, but super busy week, it's not always easy with the addition of three kids hanging around, needing rides, etc.  I traveled around today and did some "junquing" are a few of my finds!  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Louis Blue + Old Ochre mixed up makes a beautiful blue/grey...upcycling below!!

I swear, you can paint Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
on any finish!

This is Greek Blue. 
I have big plans for this chair to be a part
of something really exciting for me in August.

Announcement coming soon!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This week's lessons...

What a week it's been.  My new
life with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is
keeping me on my toes.  I'm working towards
hosting a mini-workshop on July 9th teaching
3 techniques.  Email me if you are interested.
The cost is $125 and includes all materials
and paint.  Just bring yourself!

Did you know that there is a Pastured
Egg and Chicken farm in Vacaville?

Check them out here...Soul Food Farm
and here on Facebook...give them a like
and tell them I sent you!

My task this create a new roadside sign
for this fascinating farm.

A little about Soul Food Farm:

"Our methods have been recognized with the
Animal Welfare Approved seal, the first
broiler chicken operation in California - and
only the second in the nation - to meet these
stringent third party-verified standards."  

How can you not love this operation?

Here is the sign, in the making...


And now onto this week's lessons.

Things I've learned.

1. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can help whip out 
a sign in 3 days due to it's fast drying time.

2. Polyurethane on top of Annie Sloan Chalk
Paint goes on smoothly, no bleeding.

3. You can leave your brush overnight
saturated with chalk paint and I swear 
it will still wash right out.

4. Drops of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
on your clothes rinse right out.  This
means you can look hot while painting. (giggle)

5.  If you accidentally leave the lid
off of your pot (ahem...not me, of course, 
I'm talking about YOU!)...since Annie Sloan
Chalk Paint contains absolutely
no plastic whatsoever, it will just thicken
and you can add water to get it back
to exactly where it was before you forgot
and left it to the air.  

I'm meeting with the owner of one of my 
favorite shops in greater Sacramento on Friday
and looking forward to a possible new venture.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is's time to start the "upcycle!"

Wow, what a week it's been.  I feel like I'm in a wind tunnel, perhaps a tornado, but instead of devastation, there is beautification!!  I am pleased to welcome Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to my business!  This week Vickie from The Studio at 3 Oaks came my way as I joined the Northern California Annie Sloan Chalk Paint team.  It was quite a successful week for Patina Decorative Finishes.  Not only did I supply the "love" to some chalk paint addicts, I found a new "junquing" buddy, Carol.  I look forward to you taking me up on that "junquing" offer, we can fill up my SUV until it bursts.  Let's start at the Alameda Flea Market!!

I could just eat up all these fabulous colors and can't seem to get enough myself!  And, I'm moving towards a date in July to host my first workshop teaching the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint techniques!

Today, I'm going to the farm, Soul Food Farm that is, for a second meeting with Alexis, we're talking ORANGE today, for a bit of sprucing up of her roadside sign.  What her family does on their farm fascinates me! reveal...remember that hideous buffet I stole, uh, found at the Davis SPCA for $10?  It had some great bones, was super smelly (ewwww) on the inside, but thanks to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, the odor is gone!

the best part?  No sanding or priming!
A little Paris Grey, some Provence, Louis Blue and
Old White.  I used four different techniques on this beauty
and heavy on the dark wax, I love wax.

and now...are you drooling?....

and, yes, they are in alphabetic order.  Don't judge.

Friday, June 17, 2011

New much fun!

Drum roll, please...

I had so much fun doing this today
with "Chicago," my SIL!

Handpainted metal letters
and some fun paint and a little
time on our hands on the 
LAST day of school (California
school year goes TOOOOOO long!)

Tell me what you think of it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Playing with Paint

Sometimes when I mess around with
color, I never know what I'm going
to end up with in the end.  In 2006, I did 
a bathroom cabinet remodel for a client.  
When you are glazing or antiquing a 
piece, you have to choose your
base color appropriately, especially 
if you are using dark wax.  I'll never 
forget the panicked call I got from my
client about the base color when she 
came home and it was drying!  I reassured
her it was all going to be exactly as
we discussed and reminded her to be
patient that it will change drastically
once it is antiqued and finished.

I love how this little Henredon castaway
turned out!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Old Doors...

I scrounged for this door at 
a few years ago.  It grew legs
and became a headboard for 
my California King Bed for 
a few years.  Recently, on a
trip there, I found this amazing
door knob to complete it.

Now, it serves as a message 
board in the entry of our house.
With two teenagers and their 
friends coming and going, 
you never know what you are
going to find on it!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

on Thrift Stores...

my all time favorite thrift stores. Not only
are you getting GOOD deals, but also helping
out the furry critters. It's located at 920 3rd Street
in Davis. BE CAREFUL for the bikers and
pedestrians because driving in Davis can be tricky!

This is my find there. I'm still deciding
where to go with it colorwise. $10. And top it off
with a $1 tip to each of the two college students that
loaded this puppy in the back of my SUV.

I am planning on building new shelves for it and
replacing the back panel. I'm going to seal
up the holes from the handle poles that were
dreadful and clearly must have ruined it's
chances of finding an owner. I am thinking it will
end up a faint grey and may sand down the
top to the bare wood and age wash the wood
and cover with wax to seal it in.

I'm grateful that I have a teenager that likes
to treasure hunt with me. Thrifting isn't for everyone,
but once you start, it's addicting!

This was discovered at Opportunity House
in Vacaville. It's truly one of my favorite
finds EVER. The embroidering and the
price tag ($2.50) took my breath away.
It's previous owner clearly smoked,
so I'm googling how to get the discoloration
out, it looks much better than it did in the
store. The colors are really amazing.

another find from Yolo SPCA:

we couldn't wait to figure out why it was so heavy...
and discovered an entire lunchpail of nails.

My hydrangeas will love them!

and, last but not least, my $2 table
that got a few swipes of my sander
and the hose and it's nestled it's way
under my favorite Hibiscus and Bacopa!

Friday, May 20, 2011

my roots...

This is where I come from.

The weeks spent at my grandparent's farm
over the first 18 years of my life are some of the best
memories I keep and treasure. Always a solace. Playing in
this barn until Gramps discovered us and
sent us out of there. He was always one to forget I
was a girl and let me play and get dirty just like the boys.

There were always horses,
later followed by ponies. Now, barren, as gramps
no longer can safely get outside in the winter
to feed. He sold the last of the ponies
last year. The thought of it made me choke up.

It came full circle when I discovered these photos
on the camera taken by my 14 year old
The farm is not the same, but yet, it is.

Tony, my brother, and I used to push each other
around in this old wheelbarrow. It always had a
flat tire, but it only slowed us down a little. That was
back when Luke and Daisy Duke were
the coolest people in the world. We became
Luke and Daisy (me minus the shorts...I wasn't
allowed to wear them!), that wheelbarrow was our
good old General Lee. Of course it's still gracing the
farm waiting for someone to jump in it and get their
shorts ruined from it's weathering...
just like many years ago.

The memories flood back
from this little John Deere... the summer it rained so much
the creek, pronounced "crick" in Ohio, between
my grandparents and great grandmother's
house flooded. My brother and I swam in it and
pretended we were actually in the ocean.

California is so far from home.
In many, many ways.

But, I keep a piece of my heart there...
amongst the fields and barns.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

went junkin...

some finds from the Martinez Flea Market and
my first linky...White Wednesday!

Trying out a little linky...stepping
out of my box...Check out Kathleen at Faded
Charm and hook up with her 100th White
Wednesday this week!

There was a man selling old tools out of this chest
and I fell in love. From the color, the chips, scratches
and I wondered...where all has this tool chest been?
What was from Farley & Loetscher in 1943?
After a google search, I found out it was
a milling company. Have you ever researched
some of your treasures?

Inside the chest was the tray from now showcases my favorite white
serving pieces!