Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chalk Paint® decorative paint "Tranforms" Furniture!

I recently started a new plan in March for my blog.  I am so crazy busy with kids, a non profit, paint deliveries and my love for working in Eco Chic Home, I came up with an idea to share the love of Chalk Paint® with my customers from other bloggers, too.  I really enjoy reading customer stories, before and after photos, and hearing what other bloggers are up to.  I'm starting off a feature series with other bloggers and would like to introduce you all to Pam at Thrifty Cottage Couture.  Not only is she beautiful, but her work is amazing.  I'm sure you will all agree!

About Pam from Thrifty Cottage Couture:

Do you blog?  I have recently started mine, but with three small kiddos at home and this little business I just started growing the blog is pretty neglected :( I mostly update my facebook page as a way to keep folks in the loop.  (You can find her here on Facebook:  Thrifty Cottage Couture)

How long have you been painting furniture?  I started painting furniture almost exactly one year ago this past January. I had painted a few pieces here and there using latex paint, and was posting pictures to my personal facebook account when all my friends really started encouraging me to seriously think about starting a little business. I liked the idea that I could do it from my home since I am a stay at home mom. One of them introduced me to Miss Mustard Seed's blog, and the rest is history. 

How long have you been using Chalk Paint®?  I purchased my first can of Annie's Chalk Paint® in Old White and painted some dining room chairs.  I was HOOKED. I have used Chalk Paint® ever since. So pretty much all my pieces since last January have been painted with Annie's paint in some form or another. Glass, brass, wood, metal, veneer I have covered it all. I love the challenge of a piece and it is exhilarating to see it successfully finished!

Did you start by taking a workshop or just went for it?  I haven't had the opportunity to attend a workshop yet since there really isn't one close to me. I've learned all the tricks by watching Miss Mustard Seed & Perfectly Imperfect's online videos and by just being brave and going for it. And now that pinterest and facebook is booming I love checking out all your posts for great tips and inspiration. You have such wonderful taste!

Why do you like Chalk Paint®?  I use Chalk Paint® because it is simply so amazing to work with. I absolutely LOVE that I don't need to sand or prime. And since I don't have to do all that sanding and priming I have WAY more time for the part I really enjoy, distressing, waxing, and color washing, and layering! I just love staring at a newly painting piece and thinking about how I can really start the transformation!! I also absolutely love the freedom Chalk Paint® gives for mixing custom colors. You really can't go wrong. And the fact that you can pretty much blend any color you can dream up is a bonus!

Tell me a little about the pieces you painted, where they came from, and any details of them.  You are going to flip when I tell you about these two pieces. I purchased the dresser on Craigslist for $30. They were so worried I wouldn't take it because they accidentally bleached the top cleaning it up before I arrived. I couldn't believe all the details and knew it was a perfect piece for what I like to do with Annie's paint. I stared at this one for about a week just because the possibilities were endless. One day it all fell into place and I picked up my brush and started painting away. I ended up using Paris Grey, Old Ochre, and Old White. This is probably my favorite color combination. It's just so warm, and yet still very light and airy. I did have to remove some veneer so I blended a Annie's Emperor's Silk and Antibes Green to make a custom brown so that when I distressed later the under layer matched all around. I find that if I stain underneath the paint sometimes it bleeds through so this was the solution I came up with. Works like a charm! Then I lightly sanded all the details and edges so they would pop a bit and I finished it all off with Annie's Clear Soft Wax.

a before of the dresser...

I think this is one of the prettiest dressers I've seen
with Chalk Paint®.  Really amazing work, Pam!

The curved curio was actually FREE!! It was given to a friend of mine and they didn't like the style so they sent it my way. Thank goodness! I really love pieces with lots of character to begin with. It is so much fun to bring out some of the lost details! I painted this beauty with Annie's paint in Cream & Old White, and made a custom blend for the interior of Paris Grey, Old White, Provence, and Louis Blue. It really looks quite a bit like Old Violet...I lightly sanded all the edges with 200 grit sandpaper and finished up with clear wax.
the FREE curio before...