Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let's focus on the facts

I am going to squash some common misconceptions in regards to paint and wax.  I've been hearing a lot of chatter and see so much on the internet, I want my favorite people (that's YOU!) to know the facts about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and WHY everyone wants it!

#1 Annie Sloan Chalk Paint IS made in the UK, but for North Americans, it IS made in the U.S.!  It is produced in good ole Kansas City, Missouri on U.S. soil.

#2 Make your own Chalk Paint recipes floating around the internet.  WHY make chalk paint yourself?  I keep seeing these recipes floating around on the internet with "make your own chalk paint" for $1.50.  WHY, people?  Annie spent years developing this paint that has withstood the test of time...20 YEARS....That's right.  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was developed nearly 20 years ago.  No matter what, you are using latex paint to make these recipes and that is certainly not in your $1.50 price. And latex paint is certainly NOT the first choice for painting furniture. WHY bother?

#3 Wax products with no solvents or chemicals.  WHY would you want a wax with no solvent?  Wear some gloves if solvents freak you out.  Annie Sloan Soft Wax is created the way it is FOR DURABILITY.  MY customers want durability in their finishes on their furniture, they don't want something that doesn't create a long lasting finish or something you can take your fingernail to and scratch.  You CANNOT create a wax that has the long term durability without solvents.  I'm all for natural products, but believe me I've tried the "natural" products and they don't clean my kitchen like Clorox Wipes do.  I have three kids and two dogs who traipse around and trash every surface in my house, so I need a product that works and is durable.  As a licensed painting contractor in Northern California, I MUST ensure that the products I'm using are durable.  Who wants a call back a few weeks later that something has chipped or cracked or scratched up?  Not ME.  That's why I use what I know is proven.  Don't be mislead by other products or recipes that don't have what you need to protect your artwork!

#4 Cost.  Did you know that with one pot of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, you can paint two giant china cabinet buffets or four regular pieces of furniture?  It doesn't cover like latex.  That's about $19.48 in paint per buffet.  You find that Goodwill piece for $75, with a little work, you've got a buffet that looks like you paid $750 but in reality with paint and product you only invested $100.  Out of one pot of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I can paint four pieces of furniture and out of one tin of Clear Soft Wax, I can protect 12 pieces of furniture.  The Dark Soft Wax...heck, I've been selling this stuff and painting furniture with it for over 6 months now and I'm only NOW on my 2nd tin of Dark Soft Wax.  It goes a long way.  Don't skimp on inferior products.

#5 In order to call a paint No VOC there is strict and extremely costly testing that has to be done on paint.  Our paint has such small VOC's, it's nearly undetectable.  Who cares?  I say, take a sniff test.  If I can sell it to my pregnant friend, Jen Green whose awesome blog is HERE to use in her 6th month of pregnancy and feel safe at what I'm exposing her to, who cares whether or not there are no or little to no VOC's?  Remember the days of adding vanilla extract to latex to mask the odor?  (shudder)  I sure remember, the vanilla extract never truly covered up the odor.  It was just vanilla flavored toxic fumes.

I've been told our paint smells earthy.  Of COURSE it does, because it's natural and green.

When you buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Waxes you are getting two decades behind a perfected product with proven results and durability, why bother with the rest?

If you want to find out what all the fuss is about, come to San Francisco on March 19th...we'll show you!


Don't worry...if you happen to live anywhere east of us, she's coming near you, too!  Details below!

Want to learn from the master herself?  Want to hang with all of the West Coast Stockists and Local Retail Partners and master some techniques to use in your home or business? You can right here...I WANT TO SPEND ALL DAY WITH ANNIE and make new painting friends, play with paint and eat some amazing San Franciscan cuisine!

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's time for another GIVEAWAY!

Patina Decorative Finishes is carrying a new wax buffing brush!  Want to try it out?  Now you can buff Annie Sloan Wax to a shine in seconds and Big Fat Lye for cleaning all of your wax brushes!

Three chances to win this amazing duo. 

1. One entry if you "Like" Patina Decorative Finishes on Facebook.

2. Another entry if you become a blog follower.

3. TWO extra entries to anyone who shares this giveaway on your Facebook Wall!

Retail value for the duo...$34.95 and winner will be chosen January on January 10th.