Wednesday, June 1, 2011

on Thrift Stores...

my all time favorite thrift stores. Not only
are you getting GOOD deals, but also helping
out the furry critters. It's located at 920 3rd Street
in Davis. BE CAREFUL for the bikers and
pedestrians because driving in Davis can be tricky!

This is my find there. I'm still deciding
where to go with it colorwise. $10. And top it off
with a $1 tip to each of the two college students that
loaded this puppy in the back of my SUV.

I am planning on building new shelves for it and
replacing the back panel. I'm going to seal
up the holes from the handle poles that were
dreadful and clearly must have ruined it's
chances of finding an owner. I am thinking it will
end up a faint grey and may sand down the
top to the bare wood and age wash the wood
and cover with wax to seal it in.

I'm grateful that I have a teenager that likes
to treasure hunt with me. Thrifting isn't for everyone,
but once you start, it's addicting!

This was discovered at Opportunity House
in Vacaville. It's truly one of my favorite
finds EVER. The embroidering and the
price tag ($2.50) took my breath away.
It's previous owner clearly smoked,
so I'm googling how to get the discoloration
out, it looks much better than it did in the
store. The colors are really amazing.

another find from Yolo SPCA:

we couldn't wait to figure out why it was so heavy...
and discovered an entire lunchpail of nails.

My hydrangeas will love them!

and, last but not least, my $2 table
that got a few swipes of my sander
and the hose and it's nestled it's way
under my favorite Hibiscus and Bacopa!

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