Friday, October 14, 2011


I just snuck over here to Blogger as I dragged myself away from Pinterest and Facebook.  What is my world coming to????  Thank GAWD for iphones and apps because how could we get through our day without them?

August.  My last post was in August.  Why, you ask?  Oh, I've been up to my elbows, quite literally in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I was in Raley's today and the lady behind me in line asked me what color I had been painting.  I lifted my elbow and said, "Which one?  The Old White or the French Linen?"  So, by admitting that the French Linen was on my elbow that means that the elbow hadn't been cleaned since....GASP...yesterday, when I was painting an 80 year old clawfoot tub.  Soooo, much to my newest surprise, I can sell paint in a grocery store, apparently.  Well, not technically IN it but WHILE in it.

I have so much to tell you all.  Since August, I threw in a trip to England.  Yes, that's right, little old me made it to England.  Away from the frozen waffle toaster making, wrestling practice, high school tennis matches, floor scrubbing (in all honesty, this one isn't done as often as I imply), playing taxi...I jumped ON A PLANE and got out of dodge and left my family for a whole week.  And I met Annie and she was FANTASTIC.  More on that later, but I promise to be here more often.

I will blog more about our trip someday soon.  Debbie and I stayed up one night until 4 a.m. talking, knowing full well that we were getting up at 7 and it was PAINFUL the next day, or virtually 3 hours later.  Here's me with Annie, the day we surprised Annie with a visit and she joined us for lunch in Old Oxford, a few doors down from her shop.  Yes, it was sunny in England, I was NOT hiding my lack of sleep, if that's what you were thinking.

This is Annie, working her magic in our workshop...she has a varnish crackle unlike anything I've seen in the U.S....we painted, we decoupaged, and we leafed!

Okay, I have to add a comment in regards to the following photo.  I am praying that it's not possible for any of you to zoom into my face.  Because, apparently, when I jump, I make gritty faces.  Nobody else looks as terrifying as I do,  Vicki and Debbie just look happy.  (DISCLAIMER: I am blaming the drunk 20 year old college student for pushing the button when he did.  It was unfair.  Plus, I'm the SHORTEST and I think he got me on the downward.  Don't you agree, unfair?)

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