Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This week's lessons...

What a week it's been.  My new
life with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is
keeping me on my toes.  I'm working towards
hosting a mini-workshop on July 9th teaching
3 techniques.  Email me if you are interested.
The cost is $125 and includes all materials
and paint.  Just bring yourself!

Did you know that there is a Pastured
Egg and Chicken farm in Vacaville?

Check them out here...Soul Food Farm
and here on Facebook...give them a like
and tell them I sent you!

My task this create a new roadside sign
for this fascinating farm.

A little about Soul Food Farm:

"Our methods have been recognized with the
Animal Welfare Approved seal, the first
broiler chicken operation in California - and
only the second in the nation - to meet these
stringent third party-verified standards."  

How can you not love this operation?

Here is the sign, in the making...


And now onto this week's lessons.

Things I've learned.

1. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can help whip out 
a sign in 3 days due to it's fast drying time.

2. Polyurethane on top of Annie Sloan Chalk
Paint goes on smoothly, no bleeding.

3. You can leave your brush overnight
saturated with chalk paint and I swear 
it will still wash right out.

4. Drops of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
on your clothes rinse right out.  This
means you can look hot while painting. (giggle)

5.  If you accidentally leave the lid
off of your pot (ahem...not me, of course, 
I'm talking about YOU!)...since Annie Sloan
Chalk Paint contains absolutely
no plastic whatsoever, it will just thicken
and you can add water to get it back
to exactly where it was before you forgot
and left it to the air.  

I'm meeting with the owner of one of my 
favorite shops in greater Sacramento on Friday
and looking forward to a possible new venture.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Exciting news and great lessons learned. I use water based poly over my waxed pieces, works GREAT.

    I want a farm. I want someone else to do the dirty work, but I want a farm.