Thursday, June 9, 2011

Playing with Paint

Sometimes when I mess around with
color, I never know what I'm going
to end up with in the end.  In 2006, I did 
a bathroom cabinet remodel for a client.  
When you are glazing or antiquing a 
piece, you have to choose your
base color appropriately, especially 
if you are using dark wax.  I'll never 
forget the panicked call I got from my
client about the base color when she 
came home and it was drying!  I reassured
her it was all going to be exactly as
we discussed and reminded her to be
patient that it will change drastically
once it is antiqued and finished.

I love how this little Henredon castaway
turned out!


  1. Just found you from FB, I look forward to following! Love the color of this piece!

  2. Wow, it looks fantastic!! I am following back, and looking forward to seeing what you are up to.