Thursday, November 1, 2012

In the Mix Boutique

My friend, Darci, owner of a hot new designer boutique opening in 
Vacaville asked me to help with the design.  This boutique 
is going to be HOPPING...grand opening party on November 10th!

Here you will find denim, my personal favorite handbag line Big Buddha, and
really awesome jewelry.  It all can be found at 

In the Mix boutique
11B Town Square Place,
Vacaville, California

My job was to transform this beast into a beauty.
Here it is in it's three stages: before, Provence/Old White and Coco
and metallic glaze (inside case), then with wax:

Darci needed some help with ideas for the denim tables.
The previous tops matched the blonde wood of
the display case and it just wasn't going to work out.

I am a huge fan of reclaimed planks and thought it would be just 
what was needed to add a touch of charm to the scrolly iron feet.
Well, Josh and Darci struggled finding dense reclaimed wood
planks after trips all over to salvage yards and then I get a text with this photo:

even the pupster likes it and you can tell by Josh's smile that they
SCORED on this 1800's slat conveyor from an old shirt manufacturing company in New York City:

and here it is in it's glory, ready to be adorned by the finest denim available!

I changed up some of the shadow boxes from blah silver
using a Chalk Paint® decorative paint in Aubusson Blue and Annie Sloan Dark 
Wax glaze topped with some Provence colored Clear Wax to accent:

My Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint dresser in it's new 
location at In the Mix!

and here's the new station ready for business:

and just because I KNOW you want to shop, here's a link
to the Facebook page to keep you updated

with a coupon JUST for you:


  1. that all looks fantastic! You are so awesome!

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  3. She is super human really (many nights working until 2am!!) and one of the nicest women I know, inside and out! You're an amazing women Tami Fandrei, your vision and creativity are god-given and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    XO's go out to you for your passion, talent and dedication.. We are all so lucky to have you doing what you love! <3

  4. You are doing an amazing job!!! It is beautiful and the colors you picked are so elegant.
    I am over joyed for you and your friend.

    Have a great opening day:)
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)