Sunday, August 26, 2012

Patina Decorative Finishes STUCK on plane for Chalk Paint®

Boy it takes getting stuck on a plane for me to sit down and blog.  I'm on my 6th hour of flying from San Francisco to High Point, North Carolina.  Other than California, North Carolina is my second favorite state in the U.S.  I dream of renting a house on the North Carolina beach in the summer with our family.  I won't have much goofing around time because it's a quick trip this way for some Chalk Paint® decorative paint training.  I splurged on Delta's wireless for my trip, $40 for a month which seems like a lot, but I don't sit still well at ALL so that was $40 WELL spent.  But, see I even busted out a blog post!

I'm on my way to North Carolina to meet up with Annie Sloan Unfolded for a certified stockists' training session with the fabulous Barb Skivington from Faux Works Studio.  I'm so excited finally land in North Carolina and take it all in!  Dinner tonight and lots of painting in the next few days.  The best part is I had no time to get a mani and these ladies and gentleman WON'T mind a little paint stuck under my fingernails!!

I'm so grateful this week that everyone at Soul Food Farm is okay, the animals, and the house because this was a photo I took from the farm a few days ago:

It came so close to destroying everything.   But, my people are okay and that makes me okay.  Nothing could keep me from being by Alexis' side that night.  My heart sunk as I could see the fire from the highway.  This is the third year in a row a fire has threatened their world.  These two girls right here are MY people:  

So, it's time to sign off so they can land this plane.  I just got another dirty look because I pretended not to hear the "It's now time to shut off all electronic devices at this time" PA announcement.  But, wait, one more pic before we all depart...

It looks like I'm not in dry, brown, firey (sad face) California anymore...

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